Dowd and Co

Our Approach

What we do is defined by the approach we take in every litigation assignment we accept.
Firstly, we approach every litigation assignment with an uncompromising emphasis on winning.  This is why we are engaged.  We will communicate with you regularly.  We will schedule periodic meetings, phone conferences, and provide written status reports to meet your needs.  We ensure that you understand how your case is developing and that you have input into how it progresses.
Secondly, we treat every case from its inception as though it is being taken to trial.  We do not follow a process.  Instead, in consultation with you, we will settle a strategy, agree a communication protocol, and set in place an action plan to progress your matter to resolution.  You will know what we are doing, how we are progressing your matter and what we are charging – every step of the way.
Thirdly, we are thorough.  We approach every case with the same intellectual rigor.  We focus on proving a case, the documentary and other evidence required to achieve that, and the work that will need to be done to win.  We do not get distracted and we do not engage in point scoring at the expense of our client.
Finally, we are commercially pragmatic.  We understand the benefits of resolving a dispute quickly.  If a client seeks early resolution of a dispute, or we consider it to be in a client’s best interests to do so, we will make the necessary recommendations and formulate a plan aimed at achieving the desired outcome.

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